CaptainVR in Tygers magazine


Last month CaptainVR appeared in Tygers Magazine; the online startup magazine that focuses primarily on young entrepreneurs. Read the article below:

Coaching to get rid of social anxieties with virtual reality
Dana-Maria Faneker is a life coach based in The Hague and owner of the start-up Captain VR, a training center for virtual reality coaches. The idea is to train people already active as coaches to utilize virtual reality technology and techniques. Dana-Maria: ‘It is my stated mission to assist people in becoming the captain of their own life.’

For over 15 years, Dana-Maria has been active around the world as co-ordinator, teacher, trainer and coach for activities, sports and games, skiing and – her other great passion – sailing. She also was a trainer-coach in communications at Greenpeace. In the spring of 2013 she started working as a life coach. Enter Captain VR.

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