Auteur: Dana Maria Faneker

Train your thoughts!

  It all starts with your thoughts. You can train yourself to have more positive thoughts. You can train to focus on what you want/ have in your life instead of what you don’t want/ have. But if you have a past of negativity or you have a certain pattern that is limiting you again […]

What are your thoughts?

  We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Stage 4. In my coaching i use a method to communicate with the higher consciousness of the person i am working with. For example: I tell you a story and while i am telling this story, thoughts and ideas will come up in your mind. These […]

Soul Body Fusion

Soul Body Fusion: A method that teaches you how to tap into your soul energy. I consider myself a very aware person. But after doing this i feel more awake than ever. I am using this method in my coaching. Make an appointment so you can experience this yourself. Dana-Maria Faneker         […]